1,000 Push-ups!

I’m now four weeks into my training program for the ATA Nationals Tournament.  One of the goals I set for myself was to work up to 1,000 push-ups a week.  It turns out that it didn’t take me 12 weeks to reach that mark.  I did it in four!  Last week I did 1,100 push-ups!  I worked up steadily from 400 on week one to 1,100 last week.  I’m pretty pleased with that, and I’m feeling stronger for it.

Why did I choose push-ups as part of my program?  Here are some good reasons to like push-ups:

  • They’re portable!  No equipment required and they require minimal space.  You can do them practically anywhere.
  • They’re a whole body work out. They work your chest, arms, shoulders and core.

In order to work up to my goal level I did a few simple things.

  • The first week I figured out how many push-ups I could do in a set before failure.  I started out around 50.
  • The first week, I did two sets / day, every other day.
  • Over the course of the next few weeks, I cranked up my set size from 50 to 65, to 70, to 75 and even sometimes up to 80.
  • Then I moved to more sets on more days.  Last week I did between 1 and 3 sets on all seven days.
Pretty quickly I’ve managed to move up to 1,000 for the week!  Now, there is nothing really magical about that number, but as a target it kept me motivated.  Now, I need to figure out another goal around push-ups so I can keep exploring this exercise for the rest of my training program.  I’ll post more updates on what I do with push-ups here over the coming weeks.