Rocklin Regional Tournament Results

As part of my training program for ATA Nationals in Las Vegas next month, I decided to do a tune up tournament. Last month I competed in the ATA Regional tournament in Rocklin, CA.  This was my first tournament as a black belt, and I’m really glad I went.  I competed in three events.

I was lucky enough to be joined at the tournament by two of the top junior students at my school.  Here’s a picture of our team at the tourney.

Now, the first event I competed in was forms.  Here’s a picture of my near the start of my form.

The ATA first degree black belt form has 81 moves and I’ve only been working on it for a month.  I actually felt pretty good until half way though.  Then I totally lost my way.  I didn’t place in that event, but this went a long way towards showing me what I need to know for my next tournament in this event.

My next event was weapons.  This one was even worse.  I did my form and felt pretty good about it.  However, I found out the form (that my instructor helped me select!) was an not eligible form for competition.  I was disqualified!  Of well, I now know what forms are acceptable and I’m learning a new one.  This will be tough to get ready for Vegas, but I’m working hard at it.

Lastly was sparring.  This is my best event and after my poor showing in the other two events, I was determined to make a good showing.  Here’s a quick shot of me getting psyched up.

Here’s a video of me sparring in the semi-finals for my division.  I’m on the left and I’m “white” when the judges call for points.


I won that round 5 to 1!  I didn’t win the finals, but I was pleased to take home at least a second-place medal.


I’m now about half way through my training program for Nationals.  Lots more work to do! Thanks to all of you for your support.