Week 3 Nationals Training Results

Well, week three of my 12 week training program was a rough one.  After feeling like I’d had a very strong week 2, the wheels came off a bit this week.  I trained all seven days in week two and went right on training the first day of this week.  No rest days!  By the last day of week 2 my legs were sore, but I decided to power on through.  My Monday morning, my legs were hamburger.  No training on Monday and it took me two days before I even felt human again.  Here’s my week 3 summary.

Here’s a table that shows how my first three weeks compare, and then I have a couple of charts that visually show some of the same data.

So, here’s a summary of how I did on key metrics:

  • Training hours – this was my lowest week so far.  I had to slow down the start of the week and then was traveling on Friday and Saturday.  That being said, I did make some really good progress on my Traditional Weapons form.  I’m getting that into really good competition shape.
  • Push-ups.  I moved from sets of 65 to sets of 75.  I’m near my original 1,000 / week goal.  I’ll be sure to pass that goal in week 4 and then will have to set a new goal!
  • Weight – My weight is pretty flat.  Any fluctuation here appears to be water weight.  I am starting to gain some strength and definition in my upper body, but I’m going to have to hit the weights harder if I want to see real progress there by the end of week 12.  I’m sticking pretty close to my diet plan, so I’m feeling OK about that.

Thanks again to all my virtual training partners out there.  I really appreciate the encouragement!


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  1. Terry Watts
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 10:20:00

    I think its normal (unfortunately) to lose steam on a new workout. In fact, this is the third week of my Bruce Lee Workout (http://dojotalk.com/bruce-lee-workout-day-1/) and I’m having the same issue. I injured my wrist somehow, but aside from that, I’m still struggling to find the motivation I need to keep going.

    I really like your graphics and info however, and the fact that you are honest about your struggles. Making it public really helps to provide some accountability for your actions (or lack thereof). Keep the end-goal in mind and keep us posted. I enjoy following along.



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