Week 2 Training Results

At the turn of the new year I kicked off my 12 week training program to get ready for the ATA Nationals tournament.  As part of that program, I’ve put together a system for tracking my progress.  You can read an overview of that (and see my week 1 results) here.

I’ve just completed week two of my program.  Here’s the quick summary of my week:

And here is how I stacked up this week vs. last week on my key metrics:

So, how did the week stack up?  Let’s look at the key elements:

  • Total Training Minutes – I feel really good about this.  I came in at just under 90 minutes / day.  Given that I have a full time job and a family, I’ll have a hard time keeping up that pace, but it felt really good this week.
  • Push-ups – One of my big goals with this is gaining strength and I have a goal to reach 1,000 push-ups a week.  This week I did nearly 600 which was up from 400 last week.  Last week I did sets of 50 at a time.  This week I did sets of 65 and eventually moved to sets of 70.  Making good progress here
  • Diet – The cheats column measures how many times I went off my Fighter’s Diet program.  I actually did great on my diet this week (right up until the 49er game today — I’ll see that on the scale tomorrow!).  One of the things I’ve had to focus on more is eating enough to match this level of training.  This week I ate more than I’m used to eating, but still lost weight.
  • Weight and body comp – I don’t have a goal to lose weight on this program.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  I still have a few pounds of fat I wouldn’t mind shedding, but I really want to gain muscle.  This week and last week I lost weight.  However, I think it’s mostly been shedding water weight so far and my overall weight hasn’t moved much.  I’ll keep an eye on this.

Now, in terms of skills I need for the tournament, things are coming along.  For my Weapons Form event, I have a good knowledge of the form and I’m really working on cleaning it up.  For my Traditional Empty Hand form, this is going to require major work.  There are 81 moves in the form and I can get through about half of them now (and it doesn’t look great).  Lots more hours to put into that.  For Taekwondo sparring, I got some good work in this week.

For my IMS/MMA event, I need to find a way to get some focus here.  I’m having trouble finding good sparring partners for this and I only made MMA class once this week.  I’ve got to find a way to put in more here.

Thanks to all my virtual training partners out there who read my blog or comment on my twitter.  I really appreciate the encouragement.


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