Matthew Polly’s Tapped Out

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train for a real MMA match?  You should check out Matthew Polly’s Tapped Out: Rear Naked Chokes, the Octagon, and the Last Emperor: An Odyssey in Mixed Martial Arts. A few months back, I reviewed Matt’s first book American Shaolin about his time as a young man living with the Shaolin Monks. I really enjoyed that book, so when I saw Matt had a new book out, I knew I’d have to pick it up.

Tapped Out is an odd-ball kind of sequel to American Shaolin. 20 years after training in Kung Fu with the monks, Matts has put on 100 pounds and settled into the soft life. This book chronicles his two year journey leading up to fighting in a real MMA bout. Along the way he meets big-time MMA personalities like Randy Couture, GSP, Fedor Emelianenko and Joe Rogan.

Polly’s book is funny, informative and uplifting. He constantly entertains you while making you feel you’re there living it with him. From training with top MMA coaches in New York and Las Vegas to training adventures in Russia and Thailand you get to feel the adventure.

The part I loved most about this book is that Polly really worked his butt off. He didn’t just train for a month and jump in the ring.  He trained hard in Muay Thai, BJJ and really became a credible mixed martial artist. He’s never going to be GSP (and after seeing GSP up close, Polly makes that clear) but he’s no slouch. This book may inspire you to train harder and do things you didn’t think were possible. You should check it out.


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