Testing for my Blackbelt

Last night I tested for my ATA “Blackbelt Recommended” rank. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time and I’m pleased to report that I passed! I didn’t feel like my performance was perfect, but it got the job done. Here are a few pictures of the event along with a few pictures of my Little Ninja and I afterwards (she’s already a blackbelt).

Getting warmed up

First Board Break (Reverse Punch)

Finishing my first break (see half the board down by the holder’s knee?)

Second break (spin heel kick)

Looking sweaty after sparring

Tying on my new belt

The Little Ninja giving her old man a hard time about how much he sweat!

With my instructor (5th Degree Blackbelt Mr. Indalos)

I also have some videos of my poomsae (form) and sparring matches (I had three that were back-to-back-to-back). I’ll try to get those uploaded soon.

Thanks to all of my Twitter and Blog friends who have supported me the past few months while I’ve trained for this. You really helped keep me motivated! For those who are interested, I’ll be posting some details about my training program too. I calculated it out the other day and realized that I’d lost 28 pounds since I got serious about martial arts training!


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