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I’ve had this site up for about 4 months and I get more visitors each week.  I really appreciate those of you who stop by to read and comment.  I was looking at the site statistics and was surprised to see what some of the top entries were in terms of what people are reading.  I have enough entries on the site now that some of the best ones aren’t on the front page anymore, so you might not have seen some of the older ones.  Here’s a listing of some of the top posts:

#6: What Would Bruce Lee Have Thought Of Twitter?

After starting to read Bruce’s The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, I had a realization about Bruce.  I think he would have liked Twitter

#5: How I Learned To Hate Luke Skywalker

Why is Luke Skywalker a bad role model for future martial artists?  Find out in this posting

#4: I’m Calling Out Steven Seagal!

He’s one of my heros, but in a recent interview he said some things that set me off.

#3: Evaluating the Dolce Diet

I’ve recently started a project to build a Fighter’s Diet for myself and I’ve been evaluating different popular programs.  Get my take on this program from popular MMA fighter and coach Mike Dolce.  There is a lot of interest in this program, so I’m getting a lot of traffic from Google for this posting.

#2: Top 5 Movie Martial Arts Masters

What can movies tell us about what makes a great martial arts teacher? Here are my thoughts.

#1: My Little Ninja

Meet my daughter Little Z and share the first steps of her martial arts experience.  I’m a little surprised, but quite pleased this is my most popular posting.


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  1. Strive 2 Shine
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 12:15:09

    The Luke Skywalker is one of my absolute favorites of your posts! That and the one of your daughter… any post about a kid gaining confidence is an automatic Win.:)


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