Should I Eat Like A Caveman?

I recently blogged about how I’m trying to tune up my diet in order to create a Fighter’s Diet.  I evaluated the Dolce Diet and found some interesting tidbits that looked great for professional fighters, but by itself it wasn’t the program for me. I’ve seen a lot of people tweeting about the Paleo Diet, so I thought I’d make that my next stop so I could learn what it’s all about. To that end, I picked up a copy of Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet Solution.

The basic premise of Robb’s book is that humans have started eating a number of types of foods the past few thousand years (since the invention of farming) that we weren’t designed to eat. These include entire “food groups” like grains and dairy. In fact, he goes so far as to say that most people have some kind of in-built allergies to these that can cause us great distress.

So, that all sounds fine in theory, but Robb really brings the science to back this all up.  He starts with an analysis of carbs and their effect on insulin, with which I’m familiar from my Atkins experience, but goes on to cover a lot more than that. One of the things that really peaked my interest is that Robb goes beyond just what you eat. He includes items like your sleep patterns. How you sleep effects a hormone called Cortisol, which seems to be as important to your health and fitness as insulin. This was an entirely new concept to me, but understanding it helped explain some of how my body has felt, and my weight went up, when I’ve been under stress at work.

So, even if some of this sounds good, one of my questions has to be whether Robb has any standing to tell me about a Fighter’s Diet. I mean, what if Robb is just some academic, pencil necked geek in a lab coat? The good news is I found in reading the book that he’s an amateur kick-boxer (with a 6-0 record) and studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!  Also, the first case-study in the book is about a professional MMA fighter and how he’s using the program. Knowing this made me feel like Robb might be a really good person to give me advice on my project.

Lastly, the book is really well written. Robb clearly explains the science, but also has a great sense of humor. He also seems to make a mean margarita!

I’m going to be incorporating a lot of advice from this program into my Fighter’s Diet. I’ll post more on that as I try things out.


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