My Little Ninja

On this father’s day, I thought I’d share something that makes me very proud as a dad.  I’d like to share a few pictures of my little ninja “Z”.  Z started taking Taekwondo a few months before her third birthday — her mom had to sweet talk the instructor into giving her a try-out because they didn’t take kids younger than three.  Here’s a picture of her on her first day of class. She was just swimming in her uniform — which was the smallest size made!

Over the next several months, she worked hard at her classes, earned her first few belts and even entered her first tounament. Here she is with her first trophy (for her free style nunchuk form).  Have you ever seen a kid so proud of themselves? Let me tell you, I was pretty proud too!

Over the next couple of years, she stuck with it. There were days she didn’t want to train, but she always powered on through.  Below you can see her rockin’ a great middle stance at her “Black Belt Recommended” test. She’d worked half her life towards this and was going to make it look good.

Here she is sparing at her black belt test. The instructor lined up four boys in front of her and gave them 30 seconds each to have at her. All were taller and older than she was.  She was knocked back on her heels early on, but then found her rhythm and gave better than she got!

And, then there is proud papa giving her a big hug after she broke her boards. I was testing for my blue belt that same day so I got to share in her test.  That was a really special thing!  Some time later I’ll have to write a post about how she got me to join her in training at the school

And here we have six-year-old Z with her black belt looking so grown up. I know there are many people who are skeptical about kids and black belts, and I’m not going to have that argument here. What I can tell you is she’s grown into a super confident kid from something of a timid little mouse (compare first and last pictures) and her martial arts training certainly had something to do with it!


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