Girls on the Run

Today my 8-year-old daughter (Big A) and I ran in our first racing event together.  She’s been training for this for the past few months as part of the Girls on the Run program.  This program is for 3rd to 8th grade girls and it’s designed to teach them about self-respect and healthy living.  Some pretty laudable goals, and after seeing the results I’d say they did a good job.

The program involves several weeks of training as a team with other girls from the same school and then the culmination is a 5k running event — which each girl can run with a parent.  Maybe it’s not so long for a serious runner, but it’s a great length to push kids of this age without overwhelming them.  There were over 2,000 people who showed up to participate.

Here’s a picture of Big A and I before the event.  She was pretty excited about it.  I must admit that I kinda was too.

Here’s a quick shot I snapped with my phone while we were out on the course.

And here is Big A with her ribbon after we crossed the finish line!

We managed to finish up in about 35 minutes.  A pretty good time as far as I was concerned!  If you’d like to see the course you can click here.

I must admit that I have way more fun working out with my kids than I ever did alone, and one of the most important reasons for me to keep in shape is so i can always keep up with them!


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